Clearly, I fall into the narcissistic millennial stereotype, which is why I’ve created this blog. I’ve deluded myself into believing that, somehow, the human experience is different enough for me that others will be interested in reading about me in particular. Or maybe, I fit into the human experience so well, that you all will want to read this just to feel like you’re not alone. Or maybe, I’ll just be talking to myself, shouting into the void for attention like we all are.

A little about me (introductions are so awkward!): I spent my formative years in Utah. I’ve actually spent most all my years in Utah. I’m finishing up my undergraduate degree in Political Science at Utah State University this year and then I hope to study Literature for a year or two. My first love was music. My second, literature. My third, food. I assume those will be the topics that I tend to talk about on this blog. I hope it’s interesting. I hope you won’t be disappointed. I hope it makes you almost as happy as pizza.